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will grayson

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(no subject) [Jul. 25th, 2015|01:17 pm]
will grayson
Livejournal says, "You're using the old version of the friends page." YES. YES I AM. ON PURPOSE. STOP TRYING TO NOT BE LIVEJOURNAL.
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 2015|09:05 pm]
will grayson
Yeah, we feel this:

My sister: the parks are so empty, where is everyone?
Me: well, it's Father's Day...
Her: is it? /dismissive noise

Edit way later: This ... was a comment on a locked post. Why is it its own post in my journal? LJ APP.
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(no subject) [Jun. 18th, 2015|06:23 pm]
will grayson

Not sure why the mobile app insists on posting photos full size instead of resizing them--only dinosaurs use LJ, so only trilobites use LJ on a desktop computer?
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(no subject) [Jun. 17th, 2015|08:58 am]
will grayson

Artwork for Xs & ARROWs latest which you really do need to listen to on sound cloud. For those of you not following the band on Facebook, the singer present in the music video recently left the band to pursue other projects; this release of the song is from the band as a three piece and you really must hear it.
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this post contains no actual show content [May. 26th, 2015|10:59 am]
will grayson
Well, I'm sitting here today with my brain completely scattered, in the front room listening to the radio for cues to call in to win tickets to a show, so I might as well write an LJ post? Let's back up.

I'm pretty sure I posted on LJ about going to U2 shows before--the short story is that, back in college, Amy hauled me along to a few shows because she wanted to go but didn't want to go alone, then on the last tour we went to a few shows together. This tour... I got really carried away buying tickets to shows, getting totally swept up in the ticket-buying mania that is this group of friends (and most of the people probably still reading my LJ, truth be told, but in my mind my LJ friends list is still the same people I was friends with ten years ago, so.) Aaaanyway, this is how I found myself las Thursday afternoon in a car with Amy zooming towards Phoenix, Arizona, a state I haven't been to since I was 8, to line up to two back to back shows (something I said I wasn't interested in doing*) and tonight is the first of five** LA shows. I thought I'd work today, seeing as it's the Tuesday after a long weekend and as we were on our way to Phoenix I got an e-mail from the district reminding substitutes to do their best to be available Friday and Tuesday (oops). It seems bizarre to be neither in line nor at work.

Anyway, Phoenix! Man, I have to say, not a fan. The only other place I've been to in the US and really not liked was Denver, but I just find Denver to... not be interesting, particularly. I don't dislike it but I wouldn't go there to go to Denver. It's just not my place. Phoenix, within an hour I had already been yelled at by someone and another person had yelled at the cashiers in the Five Guys Amy and I were eating at, and it sort of set the tone. I did not enjoy Phoenix and I found the people there to be hard to read and not very friendly. You know, random non-show people. But the place we were staying was really close to the venue so that was nice. And it wasn't as hot as it could have been.

And then there was some music and some guitars and stuff, I guess that part was okay.

Now I am sitting on the floor waiting to hear the cue to call for tickets for another show and it's completely derailing anything I could possibly be doing with my brain. I might bake scones later. Because nothing says rock 'n roll like scones. Maybe I can also make an art post because this seems to be about what I can focus on at the moment. HI LIVEJOURNAL. NOBODY'S HERE BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL IN LINE IN INGLEWOOD OR AT WORK. Or maybe asleep, I have some people in other time zones on here who could be asleep.

* I've gotten bronchitis on 3 of the 4 legs of u2 tours I've seen shows on, so I'm a little gun-shy.
** Yep... going to all five... shhhh, don't worry about it.
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(no subject) [May. 20th, 2015|09:20 pm]
will grayson
I have been putting off making my art post that I actually WANT to make because I don't have an FTP client on my mac...this is apparently a great cause for laziness. What do you guys use?
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2015|08:45 pm]
will grayson
One of the most annoying things about substitute teaching again, aside from things that actually affect my life, is that I now feel compelled to answer strange Los Angeles area phone numbers and it's almost always bullshit.
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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2015|09:43 pm]
will grayson

Well, I had good intentions to post again after that video post, but here it is May sixth and I clearly haven't.

In a throwback to old timey wootsauce posts, I feel truly unpleasant today (after pneumonia every time the weather changes my brain feels like it is going to explode) and I've already worked two days this week. Exciting! I'm back to substitute teaching after a hiatus involving office work. Apparently I think I want to be a teacher full time. Some days this seems like a better idea than other days.

Tonight I am trying to work on a drawing I need to finish, but suddenly I became TOO HUNGRY TO LIVE, so I am making food. At 9:50 pm. I go to bed at like 10:30 these days. So that's productive.

I fully intend to make that drawing post still, maybe tomorrow. No promises.

I could also post about how Jeff and I saw ok go on Saturday but concert posts are not my forte so I'll leave it at that and go eat my asparagus.

Current LJ complaint is that I don't know how to choose my icon from the mobile app! Come on, everyone knows lj posts are 99% about choosing an appropriate icon. Although at this point 100x100 is hilariously tiny.
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Xs & ARROWs - Dust to Clear [May. 2nd, 2015|11:46 am]
will grayson
[Tags|, ]

All right! There we go! It's been so long since I tried to post things seriously I couldn't figure out how to share a video. How sad is that?

Anyway, pauraque posted yesterday about a challenge an LJ friend issued to post every day in May, and I was (uncharacteristically) tempted to play along. Of course, now it's May 2nd, and I didn't actually post yesterday, so whatever. I had actually been thinking lately about how rare it is to actually get into anything in depth... mostly I'm just fly-by posting things like paintings, or sharing videos like this on Facebook like, "check out this video my cool friends did," not really feeling like there's space to say too much more or people will just scroll. BUT THIS IS LJ! YOU LIVE FOR THE LONG RAMBLINGS! I expect that I'm shouting into the void! Perfect for my incoherent style of writing!

So, this video. Half of the people who still check LJ know these people but whatever. I think I've posted before--in my sporadic posting of the last few years--about doing work with my friends and their band, and these are those friends and this is that band. If you notice, the video description credits me with "art direction." My contribution to this project had mostly to do with the ribbons--the styling and application thereof--and some sort of vague conceptual comments, maybe. And stateless and I scouted that desert location together. (Properly I guess I should post a bunch of drawings, older gig photos and stuff with this, but I don't feel like working that hard right now. Gotta save something for later in the month? Might be nice to gather those ribbon drawings all together. For now, relevant tumblr posts:


Oh man, I don't seem to have a central place for ribbon-related gig photos? Ok, that can be another post.


We (the band, the director, DP, and a band of friends/family as crew) in January, which was amazing because it was (and continues to be) so very unseasonably warm here in LA. Also, I had been sick and then had this bizarre and extremely challenging migraine/tension headache situation so I was in sort of a fog. Those of you who have been following me since I was in college and going to final crits with ridiculous fevers will not be surprised by this because it does seem to be the way I roll. But, now that it's April, I don't have a whole lot to say about shooting the video itself, aside from it was fun and it went a lot better than I expected (I didn't die, and everyone working the shoot got things together pretty efficiently and things went smoothly.)

Next time: Who knows! Sometime soon: The steps leading up to this execution of the ribbons! I have many photos and drawings!
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WHAT WOMEN WANT [Apr. 19th, 2015|10:55 pm]
will grayson

Finally my crack team of Buzzfeed interns has determined the top of the top 10 questions of all time, just below "What's for dinner tonight?" and "What am I doing with my life?" I bring to you straight from the news central of the living room floor...


  • Wait, where are you going? Target?

  • Bread

  • Milk

  • Eggs

  • Toothpaste

  • Comfortable shoes

  • Memorial day off. They can't remember, do we get Memorial Day off or just Labor Day? We should get Memorial Day off.

  • Just to TASTE the cake. Like 20 times. So a slice of cake. But just a taste.

  • "I don't want anything. Please, don't get me anything."

  • 20 extra minutes in bed in the morning

  • A nice note or friendly conversation when they are feeling sad

  • A laundry robot

  • A hamster, or maybe a lizard?

  • To get randomly selected for the TSA express lane every time

  • For something decent to be on the radio on short car trips

  • A nap

  • Taquitos

  • A man made entirely of digestive enzymes

There you have it.
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